Mascara: Waterproof vs Non-Waterproof

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About the Product:

High Intensity Mascara is richly pigmented and formulated to strengthen and add volume and length to lashes. Infused with Vitamin B and Panthenol protecting lash hairs from further damage and providing vital moisture, thickness and shine to each lash. Available in black, brown and black water proof.

Stiletto Mascara

High Intensity Mascara


Dramat-Eyes Mascara is a dual ended priming and volumizing treatment mascara. Vitamin B and Shea Butter condition, replenish and protect lashes.

Dramat-Eyes Mascara

Dramat-Eyes Mascara


My Experience:

I have used both of these mascaras for different reasons. The High Intensity mascara is a waterproof mascara that builds the length and bulk of the lashes. It is a long-wearing formula.

It is necessary to use a makeup remover of sorts to remove this mascara due to its high intensity it can be difficult to get it all off properly just using face wash.

The Dramat-Eyes is great for daily use. It is a 2 step application process. The primer is white and applied first. It basically makes the lashes look thicker when you apply the second (Black) layer. The primer also helps prevent black drop off around the eye area, especially if you have an oilier eye area. It doesn’t make it waterproof but just a lot less likely to smudge.

When it comes to choosing a mascara that I use daily, I prefer to not use a waterproof product daily. It really just takes too long to remove and I don’t like having to rub my sensitive a lot everyday. For special occasions or days I might be working long hours, I will coat my lashes in non-water proof mascara and then top it with a waterproof coat. That way I get some of the benefits of the waterproof product without having to struggle to remove it. Once you break the waterproof seal using makeup remover, coconut oil, baby oil you will easily remove the bottom layer.

Who Would I Recommend this Product to:

It really depends on your needs which mascara you choose- if you need a longer wearing mascara I would go for the High Intensity Mascara as it is water-resistant and will stay in place well. It doesn’t contain fibres which makes it safe for people with sensitive eyes to use.

The Dramat-eyes is my go-to for daily use because I don’t like wearing water-resistant mascara everyday, it really just becomes too much to take off every evening- I am not about that life. Plus it contains Vitamin B which contributes to thickening those luscious lashes we all so badly want! It also contains Shea Butter which nourishes the lashes too.

Where Can I Get This:

The Finnis & Faye online store of course, or even one of our great stockists. You can find all the info online at www.finnisandfaye.co.za

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