Our Services

Our collaborative team of industry professionals are ready and oh-so-willing to share their tips and training, either by coming to your home offering our mobile services, or by teaching and educating women on the tools and tricks of the trade…

Mobile Services

We offer the following mobile services:

  • Make up application
  • Spray tan
  • Nails and gelish
  • Eye lashes
Mobile Services

Make-Up Workshops

We offer various workshop and learning environments to suit your preferences:

  • Pamper Parties, or group workshops, at your home with your friends
  • Private one-on-one lessons
  • Group workshops hosted by professional salons and institutions, available for attendance by one or more

Our Pamper Parties and workshops aren’t only educational but are also a fun way to celebrate a bridal shower or birthday.

We offer a couple of different options: either we host our own and when the invitations go out, our guests are invited to bring their own make-up kits along to a lesson in which we teach ladies how to properly use the products they already own, which products they should throw out, and what they should consider adding to their kits. We keep the groups small and intimate, and we offer drinks and snacks so everyone is always sure to have a good time!

The other option is to host one yourself at your home. We encourage you to invite between 8-12 of your girlfriends and we will come along with a trained Bodyography make-up artist. We usually pick someone from the group to sit in the chair while our make-up artist does a demo on that guest while explaining to the group what she is doing, how she’s doing it, why she’s doing it and what she’s using.

If you are interested in attending one or hosting a workshop please get in touch – we would love to facilitate one for you or have you at a lesson!

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